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raise your sights and see the possibilities

always see them, for they are always there

Taylor McKessie-Danforth
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Taylor Nicole McKessie-Danforth

Age: 38
Birthday: September 21
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Status: Married
Anniversary: March 21
Occupation: Pediatrician
Undergrad: Columbia University
Doctorate: Harvard University

The Ones I Love

Parents: Donald (deceased) and Catherine
Sister: Trinity Faith Daniels, 44
Brother: Terrance Michael, 28
Brother-in-law: Eric Daniels
Husband: Chad Danforth
Children: Cadence Hope, 6; expecting
My Almost Sister: Gabriella Bolton
Nieces: Addison Marie Daniels, 16; Kaia Ann Daniels; 9
Nephew: Kaden Anthony Daniels; 9

Likes & Dislikes

my job, science, math, medicine, seeing Cadence smile, pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, small romantic gestures, sleeping in his arms, spending time with friends, shopping, shoes, monkeys, white lilies, chinese food, sappy movies, new york city, half baked ice cream

not giving enough time to my husband or daughter, smug people, lack of sleep, people worrying about me excessively, liars, narrow-minded people, waiting, fighting, disappointing myself and others, people who doubt themselves


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I am not Taylor McKessie-Danforth or Monique Coleman, this journal is solely for roleplay purposes.